Bolton School Senior Girls

Individual Award at Top of the Bench

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A team of four pupils from Bolton School Girls’ Division competed at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s national Top of the Bench competition. The team obtained their place at this prestigious final by winning the regional Manchester Chemquiz last summer.

Amaani Adam and Teja Reece in Year 9, Yasmin Rose in Year 10 and Nabilah Thagia in Year 11 travelled to Birmingham University for Top of the Bench. They ultimately came fourteenth out of thirty-two teams, which is a great achievement considering the national scope of the competition.

However, the team did not return completely empty-handed: Yasmin won the Jacqui Clee Award for Student Achievement for her contribution in the team practical and test. She received a salver, certificate and Amazon Voucher as her prize.

She said: “I enjoyed the experience of going to Birmingham. It was a great team from different year groups and although it was a challenging experiment, we really enjoyed it.”

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