Bolton School Senior Girls

iPad Roll-out Enhances Learning

The introduction of Apple iPads at Bolton School this term has excited both pupils and teachers in equal measures. Subject teachers from across the academic spectrum of both the Girls' and Boys' Divisions from Art to Psychology to PE to Science are increasingly taking advantage of the devices which encourage learning through interactive books and apps. Classics students have been taking virtual tours of ancient cities, scanning their way around courtyards, in Psychology pupils can learn about stress and anxiety and in Science they have been dissecting frogs - it seems there is an app for virtually everything!   

Miss Lord who used the iPads with her Sixth Form English class said:"the students welcomed the opportunity to use a resource that made reference material interactively available as they were reading a key coursework text. The iPads collated the proliferation of reference materials associated with the poem we were reading into a single page view alongside the text. Study that could have been unwieldly and time-consuming was instead focussed and thorough."    

As well as being used in lessons, the iPads can also be used within both Senior School libraries by pupils and staff. Amongst their many functions, they can be used for research, reading, digital painting, creating and editing music, producing graphical presentations and colourful reports.  Students can also scan in QR codes to view a selection of the School's online journals.

Miss Lord's ICT lesson

Mrs Brace utilises the iPads in an ICT lesson

Sixth Form boys using iPads

Sixth Form boys make use of the iPads in their English class