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Johanna Publishes Second Novel on Amazon

Over the summer holidays, Year 11 pupil Johanna Mercer published her second novel in the Amazon Kindle Store. The book, titled Death by Your Beloved: Be Afraid of the Dark, is the sequel to her debut novel Demon Rose, and digital copies have already been snapped up by her fans.

Death by Your Beloved picks up where the first book left off, continuing the story of Jenny Westwood and her friends, which was initially inspired by Johanna’s dreams.

The synopsis reads, ‘When George died Jenny ran away. Jenny's friends try to find out where she is, they also suspect George may still be alive. Whilst trying to solve this seemingly never ending problem, someone from Jenny's past life suddenly appears at their doorstep to try and warn her of the danger that is coming. Will Jenny come out of this alive, or will her past life haunt her yet again?’

Johanna’s first book, Demon Rose, came out in January 2013 and has since received a number of five-star reviews on Amazon. There have also been very positive comments from her readers, including clamouring for the next instalment!

“I think it’s good that people are reading and enjoying the books,” she said. “I originally did it for myself, as a personal thing, just because I love writing. The idea of people reading and enjoying it is really motivating – it makes me want to write more.”

Since completing Death by Your Beloved, Johanna has been hard at work on the final instalment in the trilogy, which is almost finished.

However, her prolific creative talents do not end there. She already plans to complete an additional three stand-alone novels and a book of poetry, which she hopes to self-publish via Amazon. She is also collaborating on another novel with one of her friends.

When asked about how she manages to write so much in between her GCSE studies, she said, “It’s hard finding the time, but it comes really naturally to me. I just create the story as I write. I have to do some editing, obviously, but mostly it just works.”


Johanna’s novels are available on Amazon:


Johanna Mercer has published her second ebook

Johanna Mercer has published her second ebook