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Neil Eckersley, Former Pupil and Theatre Producer

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Language Skills Tested in French Spelling Bee

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Twelve Year 7 girls showed nerves of steel as they competed in front of the whole year group in a French Spelling Bee Competition.

The girls had to learn a bank of one hundred words in preparation for the competition, and had to spell as many as possible in one minute. French teacher Miss Tomlinson gave each girl an English word. Pupil had to translate the word into French, say it out loud, and then spell it using the French alphabet including accents and punctuation. This would be difficult enough at the best of times, but doing it on stage and in front of the whole year group definitely intensified the pressure!

Ordinarily girls would be able to recall and spell just a few words in a minute but the competitors recalled up to sixteen words. The girl who spelled out the most words correctly won the prize.

It was an incredibly close competition, but the outright winner was Haleemah Mohammed with sixteen words, closely followed by Nabilah Thagia with fouteen words. Usually, the top four scorers would have gone on to represent Bolton School Girls’ Division in the regional heat of the competition at Manchester Metropolitan University. However, unfortunately this event clashes with the Year 7 Stratford residential trip this year.

Miss Tomlinson said: “Congratulations to all girls who took part. It took great courage to stand up on stage in front of the rest of Year 7, who were really supportive. It was so impressive to see the girls in action and this competition is something they will remember for years to come.”

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The French Spelling Bee contestants and Miss Tomlinson

The French Spelling Bee contestants and Miss Tomlinson

One of the girls spells the French word for

One of the girls spells the French word for 'hello' in the contest