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Linguists Learn How Languages Can Open Doors

  • MFL Morning Sonya Bernhard
  • MFL Morning introduction
  • MFL Morning about studying languages
  • MFL Morning Old Girl Izzy Sabini
  • MFL Morning learning Arabic
  • MFL Morning Arabic lesson

Sixty-five talented linguists from the Girls’ Division were invited to take part in an modern foreign languages (MFL) event to find out more about the value of studying languages and the opportunities available for further study and within the world of work. The School was delighted to welcome Sonya Bernhard from Manchester University to deliver the opening talk. She gave pupils a wealth of information which included details about the possibilities for studying languages as a single honours degree or in combination with other subjects such as economics, science, maths, history, engineering and law.

Girls were then given a glimpse of the difficulties and delights of the year abroad which forms part of most language degrees from Izzy Sabini, an Old Girl. Izzy used a picture of her skydiving on the last day of her time in Spain to sum up the slightly daunting thrills of this experience.

As part of the MFL event, pupils were also able to try a new language taster session in either Mandarin, Russian or Arabic to highlight the possibility of studying languages “ab initio” at university.

Mrs Shafiq, the Girls’ Division Head of Modern Languages, said: “My favourite quote of the morning was the one which Sonja used to finish her talk: ‘One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.’ Frank Smith, psycholinguist.”

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