Bolton School Senior Girls

Local Schools Join Bolton for X Rays to Antimatter

Bolton School pupils were joined by students from other local schools for an inspiring lecture by Dr Michael Wilson from the University Hospital Birmingham.

The lecture, 'From X-rays to Antimatter: the science of seeing inside your body' was part of the 2011 Institute of Physics Schools and Colleges Lecture yearly tour, organised in conjunction with the Ogden Trust.

Over 600 students from Bolton School, Ladybridge, Canon Slade, St. Christophers CofE High School, Accrington, Audenshaw School, Lostock Hall School, Parrenthorn, QEGS, and Bury Grammar School boys, attended the lectures, where Dr Wilson introduced the 14-16 year olds to the topic of Medical Imaging, exploring techniques that allow medical physicists to see inside the human body. He spoke to pupils on how over the past hundred years physicists have developed increasingly sophisticated techniques to see inside the body using x-ray, radioactive molecules and magnetic fields to produce images of the body, and how these images allow doctors to better diagnose and treat illness and disease.

Dr Wilson has always been fascinated by the physical world and enjoys the challenge of making scientific ideas accessible to any audience. After completing his first degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge, he taught physics and mathematics for two years at Shrewsbury School before moving into a medical physics career. After teaching at Birmingham University for five years, he is now a consultant clinical scientist in the Nuclear Medicine Department of the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust. He continues to teach at Birmingham University, as well as being involved in a range of other teaching roles.

Physics Lecture by Dr Michael Wilson

Dr Michael Wilson from the University Hospital Birmingham with pupils from local schools who attended his lecture on Medical Imaging

Physics Lecture by Dr Michael Wilson
Physics Lecture by Dr Michael Wilson