Bolton School Senior Girls

Musical Talent on Display in May Serenade

Bolton School Girls' Division presented an outstanding showcase of music in their annual May Serenade, highlighting the breadth of talent throughout the School.

The very best of Bolton School's bands and ensembles were on top form for this concert, which involved the joint Chamber Choir, Jazz Band, Senior, Intermediate and Junior Concert Bands, Girls' Division String Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Middle School Choir, Senior Flute Choir, Clarinet Choir, Junior Chamber Choir and Senior Choir.

Under Miss Berry's direction, Senior Concert Band opened with a sumptuous 'Jesus Christ Superstar' medley followed by an amazing combination of famous melodies from the Classical and Romantic orchestral repertoire entitled: 'Instant Concert'! The Girls' Division Percussion ensemble presented, in their unique and wonderful style, the entrancing rhythms of from 'Tribal Gathering' and a very engaging arrangement of Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer' led by the ubiquitous Mr Forgrieve. The Intermediate Concert band performed an innovative and contemporary Lady Gaga 'dance mix', followed by the String Orchestra's haunting rendition of Coldplay's 'Clocks' with a warm and polished version of 'I dreamed a dream' from Les Miserables.

The Junior Concert Band's upbeat performance of 'YMCA' maintained the excitement and the evening continued with more outstanding offerings, including Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' and 'Hushabye Mountain', which were sung beautifully by the Middle School Choir. The Senior Flute Quartet performed with precision and energy,  the Junior Chamber Choir produced a wonderful, sumptuous tone in their performances of two classic favourites: 'I have a dream' (ABBA) and 'Over the Rainbow'. Our ladies barbershop quartet, known as 'The Accidentals' performed a most moving arrangement (with a remarkably full sound for just four voices!) of 'The Sound of Silence'. Our Clarinet Choir delighted the audience with their light-hearted 'Cotton Candy', contrasted with warm, moving interpretations of two close-harmony arrangements of 'Killing me softly' and, what has become something of a favourite: 'As Long As I have Music'. Our Joint Chamber Choir's 'Seasons of Love' was wonderfully dynamic with an enchanting medley from The Lion King to follow. The joint Jazz Band concluded a fantastic evening with energy, style and an impressive number of decibels with the audience swinging to their performances of 'Mambo Hot' and 'North Africa'.

A superb display of GCSE Art Coursework was exhibited for the audience before the concert, demonstrating our artists' huge talents. A retiring collection raised money for SKCV (Street Kids' Community Villages) in India.

May Serenade

The Senior Concert Band opened with a 'Jesus Christ Superstar' medley

May Serenade

Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' and 'Hushabye Mountain' were sung beautifully by the Middle School Choir

May Serenade

A superb display of GCSE Art Coursework was exhibited for the audience before the concert