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National Youth Orchestra Double for Jainee

Talented Year 11 pupil Jainee-Khushali Patel performs in not one but two of the eight recognized and accredited National Youth Music Orchestras in the UK.

Not only that but she is the first person to play in two totally diverse NYMOs (National Youth Jazz Collective and SAMYO - the National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music) with two equally diverse instruments namely Sitar and Saxophone in each. She is also SAMYO’s first ever musician from Bolton, and the North West of England and is setting an example as a committed, multi-talented and ambitious young musician.

Jainee is also one of ten girls invited to form the Creative Leadership Ensemble in the country, in collaboration with NYJC, SAMYO and IOE. The scheme will see Jainee receiving training on how to take on a leadership role within music including conducting an orchestra.

Jainee’s interest in music began when she started to learn Classical Piano and Violin at 4 years old. She also played Recorder and started Jazz Saxophone at age 9, switching to Jazz Piano at around the same time and started Sitar lessons at the age of 10.

Janie recently took part in the recording of the SAMYO 10 Album in which she plays the Sitar and the Saxophone, and in their concert at Southbank. SAMYO is the only youth orchestra in Britain to combine North and South Indian music traditions with Western influences and orchestral elements. Jainee said: “Being a member of SAMYO has taught me so much in the space of just a year, but more importantly, it has encouraged me to independently find, learn and teach myself new skills and techniques. SAMYO10 was easily the biggest gig I’ve ever done. The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone worked so hard and I for one really enjoyed it. It always helps when you love the music you’re playing and I loved every piece. It was only the second time that I’d performed on two instruments in one concert (the first being when I played sitar with the Bolton Youth Jazz Orchestra) and it was so wonderful to experience the compositions from two different cultural points of view.”

Read a full interview with Jainee after the concert at Southbank.

Jainee Patel

Jainee (far left) performs at SAMYO10

Jainee Patel

Jainee performing with the National Youth Jazz Collective

Jainee Patel