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Oh Crumbs Impresses Young Enterprise Dragons

Young Enterprise company Oh Crumbs has won the Greater Manchester Dragon’s Den competition. The company was set up at the start of the year by a group of Year 10 girls as part of the Young Enterprise competition, and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Zahra Al-Falouji has taken on the responsibilities of project manager, and her team is made up of nine fellow students: Sophie Brown, Sêren Davies, Imogen MacDonald, Thea Simpson, Ella Smyth, Ella Stenton, Isabella Tankard, Zara Walsh and Samantha Woods.

The girls have worked out every aspect of the business, including branding and packaging, considering their target market, and their marketing strategies. They also had to calculate the cost of the jars themselves, and settled on a price of £6.99 per jar.

Oh Crumbs offers ‘cake in a jar’: all of the dry ingredients to make a delicious baked product in a single jar, complete with instructions on what to add for the perfect end result. They currently offer four types of jar: Plain ‘n’ Simple, Best Ever Brownie, Cookie Crumble, and the limited edition festive special, Gingerlicious Christmas.

Talking about why they chose to make this product, Sêren said, “We’re all interested in baking and most of us are doing Food Technology at GCSE. We wanted to do something different and make a niche product that would make baking easier for people.”

As part of the Greater Manchester Dragon’s Den competition, the girls had to compose a presentation and deliver it in front of three ‘dragons’. They also displayed samples of each of their jars, showcasing their branding and the range of their products. Despite stiff competition from teams from across the region, the girls’ impressive efforts were recognised by the ‘dragons’ and they were named the winners.

The Oh Crumbs team is now looking forward to the Young Enterprise finals in March, when they will have to repeat their presentation once again. They will also set up a trade stand, where they can show off the whole of their business and showcase their products for everyone to see.

The Oh Crumbs team with some of their products

The Oh Crumbs team with some of their products