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Old Girl Expert Advises on Drugs and Their Perils

Monday, 26 June 2017

Helen Vangikar revisited her old school, virtually, to speak to Year 9 girls about drugs and their perils. After leaving School in 1983, Helen completed an MSc at Strathclyde University in Forensic Science and has worked in the field of analytical chemistry and toxicology since then. She now works as an independent Toxicology Consultant (her website is here). 

Helen spoke to the girls via Skype about the various types of drugs, and their effects and impacts upon users, as well as the various pieces of legislation which control their use and supply. Her scientific approach meant that her warnings about the perils of drug use were clear and unemotional. At the end of the session, the girls asked several questions about the topics she had discussed, as well as about her career.

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Old Girl Helen Vangikar spoke to the Y9 girls via Skype

Old Girl Helen Vangikar spoke to the Y9 girls via Skype