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Old Girl Has First Novel Published

Former pupil of Bolton School Girls’ Division, Melissa Bailey, has released her first novel - The Medici Mirror.

The book is described as a haunting story of jealousy, obsession, and murder, perfect for fans of Kate Mosse and Barbara Erskine; a story about the ability of the past to influence the present and of love's power to defeat even the most powerful of curses.

Melissa attended Bolton School between 1982 and 1989 and after finishing went on to Lincoln College, Oxford where she studied English Language and Literature. After graduating, she moved to London and studied law, going on to pursue a career as a Media lawyer and she still practises part time.
The blurb to The Medici Mirror reads: “When architect Johnny Carter is asked to redesign a long-abandoned Victorian shoe factory, he discovers a hidden room deep in the basement. A dark, sinister room, which contains a sixteenth-century Venetian mirror. Johnny has a new love, Ophelia, in his life. But as the pair's relationship develops and they begin to explore the mystery surrounding the mirror, its malign influence threatens to envelop and destroy them.”

The book, which is being published by Random House (Arrow), is now available to buy across the UK. One review on Amazon says: “This book is a beautifully crafted blend of a horror, ghost, love and crime novel that makes for a genuinely cracking read. Expansively whirling through the eras of Catherine de Medici, Victorian London and the present time this genre-bending debut is chock full of heart stopping twists and moments when the hairs on the back of your neck rise.”

Below is a link below to a short film which introduces the novel -
Other information about the book is available on Melissa’s website

The Medici Mirror Melissa Bailey

Melissa has had her first novel The Medici Mirror published

Melissa Bailey