Bolton School Senior Girls

PM Writes to Pupils About Education Campaign

At the end of the last academic year, pupils at Bolton School sent personalised letters to David Crausby, the MP for Bolton North East, in support of Send My Friend To School.

This campaign encouraged students across the UK to speak up for all children’s right to education. The Bolton School girls learned about the Millennium Development Goals: a set of pledges made by over 180 countries 2000 which included tackling poverty and hunger as well as aiming to provide education for all. The goal of Send My Friend To School was to remind world leaders of the promise that all children should be able to go to school.

In their individual letters, Bolton School pupils explained why it is still vitally important for every child to have at least a primary education, as this leads to whole-country sustainable development and improves quality of life. They also created cut-outs to represent some of the children across the world who don’t have access to education.

They have now received a response not only from Mr Crausby, but also from the Prime Minister, Theresa May, thanking them for sharing their concerns.

Mrs May’s letter explained some of the UK’s ongoing work to support education projects across the globe, including involvement with projects to benefit under-privileged girls, children affected by conflict and refugee and vulnerable children. The letter also mentioned some of the future work still needed to address the critical issue of education and the UK’s commitment to helping all children to get the education they deserve.

“I agree that no child should miss out on an education, even in times of conflict and other emergencies,” Mrs May’s letter read. “We are working very hard, with our international partners, to deliver a better future for every child across the world. I appreciate you getting in touch on this important matter.”

Pupils produced letters and messages to convince world leaders of the importance of education for all

Pupils produced letters and messages to convince world leaders of the importance of education for all