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Prize for Chemists at Salters' Festival

Monday, 26 June 2017

  • Salters Chemistry Festival murder mystery
  • Salters Chemistry Festival The Winning Rainbow
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Four Year 8 girls, selected for their interest and attainment in science, attended the Salters’ Festival at the Chemistry Department of Manchester University. There are two main events, The Salters’ Challenge and The University Challenge, with first, second and third place prizes awarded for each Challenge.

The Salters’ Challenge was a ‘Who Dunnit? Solve the Murder Mystery’. The teams had to identify the correct white powder that killed the victim. The University Challenge involved making a rainbow using different coloured salt solutions and different densities of solutions.

The four girls from different forms, Yasmin Rose, Lucy Crabtree, Xena Logan and Hui Shan Wen, worked collaboratively and with determination and were awarded first prize for their skill and accuracy at creating the perfect rainbow in the University Challenge.

Hui Shan said, “The Salters’ challenge day was really interesting as well as fun. I enjoyed working together as a group and I especially loved making a ‘rainbow’ out of different coloured salts. To top of the exciting day, we came first place! I'm proud of my team and I thank Ms Teichman for driving us there and back.”

While the students were working hard in the laboratory, the teachers were treated to a lecture on electrochemistry and some associated practical work by Professor Rob Dryfe. There was also a contest to see who could lift the large bottle of mercury, with one hand, without strain. Ms Teichman said, “As a chemistry teacher, you never grow tired of seeing a large amount of liquid silver and marvelling at its extraordinary density!”

The day concluded with a brilliant Flashes and Bangs show from Dr Frank Mair.

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