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Professions Explored on NHS Careers Day

Friday, 24 February 2017

  • NHS Careers - Physician's Associate
  • NHS Careers - OG Carishma Hirani
  • NHS Careers - OB Mobeen Qureshi
  • NHS Careers - OG Helena Bird
  • NHS Careers - Girls watching a talk

An NHS Careers Day allowed pupils in Years 10 to 13 to explore the varied and interesting roles available within the NHS, including several that they may not have considered or been aware of before. Thirteen speakers, including three alumni, came into School to give talks on the wide spectrum of career options available.

Old Girl Carishma Hirani talked about her role as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP), working within the operating department in anaesthetics, scrub and recovery areas. She talked about the responsibilities of the role and how ODPs help anaesthetists and surgeons in many different ways. She was also able to enlighten pupils about what is involved in qualifying as an ODP and how the course progresses, as well as future career options such as the chance to train directly under a consultant surgeon assisting with major operations, carrying out minor operations alone, working in A and E, and supervising patient transfers.

Old Boy Mobeen Qureshi studied Medicine at Glasgow University and has been working as a junior doctor for the last eighteen months. He spoke about his experiences at university and as a junior doctor, and gave an honest account of the challenges and rewards of the profession, as well as some advice for those wishing to follow this career path.

Old Girl Helen Bird is now a pharmacist working in several hospitals in West Sussex, and enlightened pupils about the realities of this fascinating role. She abolished some myths about what pharmacy involves, and instead described a typical day, the team structure, and the kinds of technology used in hospital pharmacies today.

In addition to the alumni speakers, pupils were given the option to attend talks about medicine and the admissions process including the UKCAT and BMAT, physiotherapy, the relatively new role of Physician’s Associate, nursing and midwifery, psychoanalytic studies, dentistry, diagnostic radiotherapy and optometry.

The day’s keynote speech was delivered by Dr Mohmmed Jiva on ‘The Evolution of a new National Health Service’ and raised some fascinating points for pupils to consider.

The NHS Careers Day was organised by the Careers Department and provided a valuable insight into the varied options for all those interested in pursuing a career related to medicine.

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