"Personally I attribute a significant part of my success to my Bolton School education and the superb foundation it provided. It is the reason why I am so keen to come back and work with the School. "

Katie Clinton - Director, Financial Services Audit Team, KPMG

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Fiona Begins Black Belt Journey

Tuesday, 03 July 2012

Year 9 pupil Fiona Cooper has started her journey to becoming a Black Belt at Karate.

Along with Boys' Division pupils Jack Holbrook and Nick Savage, Fiona Cooper gained an orange belt in karate on 26th June at Rochdale Shotokan Karate Club. The pupils were graded by Ohta Sensei (7th Dan) who is the Chief Instructor of the Japanese Karate Association in England. They had to show they were competent in kion, kata and kumite in order to achieve this internationally recognised award.

Bolton School Shotokan Karate Club began in January 2012 and has around 10 members. For more details or to join contact Mr Ormerod.

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