Bolton School Senior Girls

Pupils in Charge of School for the Day

Year 13 pupils took over the running of Bolton School for the day as part of the Children's Commissioner’s Children and Young People’s Takeover Day 2012.

Students took on staff roles in all areas of the school from the Headmistress and teachers, through to pastoral roles, technical support and administrative roles. Members of staff explained to their shadow student what their job role entails, and considering the problems that they deal with on a day to day basis, provided a hypothetical problem for the student taking over the job role for the day to solve. Teaching staff supported the students in planning and teaching a lower school lesson including French, Science, Resistant Materials and Food Technology. Girls even took over the staffroom and had tea and coffee at break times as staff would. Taking part in the day allowed the students to develop many transferable skills such as time management, flexibility, organisation, initiative, problem solving, motivating others, interpersonal skills and many more.

Teacher Lauren Reynolds, who organised the school’s participation in the event said: “Takeover day has given the girls at Bolton School a chance to experience what it is really like to work in the school, to get their opinions heard and be a part of the decision making process. They have been looking at ways to promote independent learning and how school floor plans could be altered to make use of the current sixth form common room when the new build is complete. I think teaching can sometimes be an underrated profession and I hope that the day has encouraged more students to see it as a worthwhile profession and aspire to be teachers.”

Takeover Day

Year 13 pupil Sophie Bolton takes a Physics lesson

Takeover Day

The girls plan lessons and solve problems in their staff room

Takeover Day

Emily Smith takes over a technology class