Bolton School Senior Girls

Rachel Sets Another World Record!

Bolton School Old Girl, Rachel Flanders, has set another Guinness World Record.  Rachel, along with rowing colleague Robbie McFarland, set a new world record for the furthest distance rowed in a 24 hour period.  Working in 20 minute stretches, the two rowers clocked up a distance of just over 307,000 metres. 

The pair undertook the row at the Lowry Centre at Salford and Rachel reflected: "I am thrilled to set another record.  It was very tiring.  We had no sleep and kept going on peanut butter sandwiches, bananas and lots and lots of tea!" 

Rachel was an Olympic torchbearer as it progressed through Bolton and past the School and made use of her torch to good effect at the Lowry on the day of the row.  By lending the torch out to passers by for photographs, she and Robbie raised over £1,000 for Sport Relief. 

In 2008, aged just 17 and whilst still at Bolton School, Rachel became the youngest person to row across the Atlantic.

Rachel Flanders

Rachel, pictured with her Olympic torch at Bolton School