Bolton School Senior Girls

Rachel Wins Cambridge Essay Competition

Year 13 pupil Rachel Zarrouk has won the Cambridge Psychology Essay writing competition.

Rachel is the first ever winner from Bolton School and went to Cambridge to receive her £300 prize.

Over 100 entries were received for this year’s AS Level Essay Competition, sent from schools across the country. Students were asked to answer one of two questions to enter the competition. Rachel chose “Are gender differences fact or fiction? Discuss with respect to at least two distinct measures or traits”, and chose to argue the fiction viewpoint.

Judges decided to split a main prize between Rachel and another candidate who argued the opposite view. Professor Claire Hughes from Cambridge University said: “We’d like to thank all the students who took part in the competition, whose standard of work was very impressive. As in previous years, judging was a very interesting experience. The large majority of submitted essays were for the topic of gender differences and so we decided to devote a main prize for this, to be split between two very strong candidates who argued strongly for opposite positions. Clarissa Wigoder from Westminster School submitted an impressively polished and informed essay in favour of the 'fact' camp and Rachel Zarrouk from Bolton School Girl's Division submitted an equally impressive and passionate essay in favour of the 'fiction' camp. Congratulations to all who took part – we hope it was a valuable experience.”


Rachel Zarrouk has won the Cambridge Psychology essay competition

Rachel (second from left) went to Cambridge to collect her prize