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Roman Feast Launches Historical MasterChef

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Pupils in years 7 to 10 pulled out all of the stops to create a fabulous array of dishes worthy of a Roman banquet for the inaugural round of Historical MasterChef.

Prior to cooking their elaborate dishes, all based on Ancient Roman cuisine, pupils researched the period. They looked at what the Romans ate and drank and what spices and herbs they had access to before creating a menu fit for a Caesar.

Then came the difficult task of making their ambitious creations. Some pupils worked alone while others formed groups to create several courses. An impressive and beautifully presented range of sweet and savoury dishes were finally put to the taste test.

The judges were History teacher Mr Winrow, who runs the club, and Classics teachers Mrs Hone and Mrs Ball. They were advised on the technical skills and difficulty of making some dishes by Food Technology teacher Mrs James. They thoroughly enjoyed trying out the delicious spread, which ranged from chicken curry to traditional breads and pancakes to cheesecake. All of the teachers were impressed by the amount pupils had achieved in the short space of one lunchtime, particularly the girls who made their own bread dough at break time before returning at lunch.

As the girls gathered to hear the results, each of the judges pointed out their personal favourites before announcing the winner: Year 8 pupils Fatimah Ahmed, Alaina Jiva and Ammaarah Patel with their olive dip focaccia, prawns and lemon cupcakes.

Historical MasterChef will continue with a new time period for pupils to research.

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