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School Celebrates GCSE Success

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Boys' Division: 67% of Entries A* or A.

Once again students of Bolton School Boys' Division have performed outstandingly well in their GCSEs. Just over 67% of all grades were either A* or A and an impressive 33.8% of all papers were graded at A*. All boys passed at least 5 subjects (including English and Maths) with A*-C grades.  The total pass rate at A*-C was 97.7%. Nine pupils achieved 10A* each and 30.5% of boys achieved 10A* or A grades. 

I am delighted with the GCSE results. They are a real test of the ability of boys to organise study across a wide range of subjects before they specialise and so it is pleasing to see such broad based success - 30% of boys have A* and A in all the subjects they studied and 70% have 5 or more passes at A* or A grade. One highlight for me this year is music, which is one obvious area where our activities and academic work overlap - every boy who studied music got an A* or A grade.
Headmaster, Mr Philip Britton

Girls' Division: 38% of Entries A*

The Girls' Division of Bolton School is celebrating another excellent year for GCSE results, which has seen the percentage of entries marked at A* jumping to 38%. Seventy three per cent of entries were graded A* or A. Eight girls got the "full set" of 10A*s.  The total pass rate at A*-C was 99%.

We are delighted with these results which reflect the hard work put in by students, staff and their supportive parents. There were many individual pupil and departmental success stories but I was pleased to see how well girls had done in subjects that many schools do not offer - for instance all girls that took Latin this year got an A* or A grade.
Mrs Gill Richards, Headmistress

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GCSE Success

Pictured here are some of the nine boys and eight girls who achieved the "full set" of 10A* grades