Bolton School Senior Girls

School Hosts Chemistry TeachMeet

The Chemistry department at Bolton School was pleased to host the first Royal Society of Chemistry TeachMeet.

Teachers of A Level chemistry from across the North West were gathered together to discuss the challenges of the new A Level and develop greater collaboration in chemistry education in the local area. TeachMeets are informal meetings where teachers run training for each other and aim to provide continuing professional development and foster a sense of community between teachers in tough economic times. This meeting was made possible by a small grant from the RSC Manchester Section education division and support from Bolton School.

Three discussion groups ran, covering practical and investigative work, topics new to the specification and those traditionally hard to teach, and the increased proportion of questions requiring Level 2 maths skills.  Academics from the University of Manchester’s School of Chemistry also attended to improve their understanding of the knowledge and skills of their incoming students.

Overall the evening was a great success and plans are already being made for another meeting with a GCSE focus at the end of the summer term.

The TeachMeet attendants at Bolton School

The TeachMeet attendants at Bolton School