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School Organises Live Webcast of Solar Eclipse

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Bolton School in partnership with the Ogden Trust will live cast the partial solar eclipse from the roof of the Turret Library. If the cloud cover is favourable, pupils will be treated to a live view of the eclipse using the Ogden Trust’s Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope.

This will allow them to see the eclipse itself and also details of the sun. The moon will obstruct 89% of the Sun, leading to an appreciable dimming of the sky. First contact for the eclipse starts at 8:26am on Friday 20th of March, with the maximum obstruction occurring at 9:32am and the final contact at 10:41am.

Eclipses which give this amount of obstruction are very rare. The next partial eclipse that reaches 90% obstruction will not occur in Bolton until 12 August 2026! The next total solar eclipse visible anywhere in the UK does not occur until 23 September 2090, so it’s well worth observing if possible. However, please always take care never to look directly at the Sun even with sunglasses and follow one of the many guides that are available to make safe solar observations.

All classes in Bolton School will have access to view the eclipse and this opportunity has been made available to other schools in Bolton and nationwide via the Ogden Trust and the Stimulating Physics Network.

Mr B Ickringill who is an Ogden Fellow at the school and the organiser of the live cast commented, “A partial Solar eclipse is an event not to be missed! Astronomy is a tremendously interesting and inspirational subject. There are few other subjects that can fire the imagination and give such a sense of wonder and when a rare event such as an eclipse occurs it produces a lot of interest in the subject from children and adults alike.  It is a privilege to be able to share this event with pupils in the school and also many schools around the country. All we need now is the clouds to clear for the morning which is a big ask for weather in the North West! I would like to thank the Ogden Trust for their generosity in providing the solar scope and to the Bolton Astronomical Society for their support running this event.”

Click here on Friday to tune in to the live feed.

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The eclipse will take place on Friday morning

The eclipse will take place on Friday morning

Image of the sun taken by pupils working with the solar telescope at a previous event at School

Image of the sun taken by pupils working with the solar telescope at a previous event at School