Bolton School Senior Girls

Science and Maths Day Inspires Year 4 Girls

Over 90 girls from 24 local primary schools visited Bolton School for a science and maths event in the very first Just4Girls Science and Maths Day.

The experience provided Year 4 girls with an opportunity to enjoy a range of traditionally 'male' subjects in a new and fun way, and was aimed at linking science and maths together. The event was run by highly qualified specialist science and maths teachers and the girls made use of the outstanding facilities at Bolton School.

Throughout the day there were sessions in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, all of which linked ideas from maths about surface area and volume.  The girls undertook a range of tasks including looking at the effect of surface area on reaction rate; building models of 3d shapes and working out their surface area; learning how to measure how much air is in your lungs using a washing up bowl, a beaker and a rubber tube; and building their own paper helicopters and exploring factors affecting the time taken for them to drop to the floor. There was also a quiz in which the girls got to test their Science and Maths knowledge, the winners of which was St George's Primary School.

Year 7 girls from Bolton School were on hand throughout the day to help out and the accompanying primary school staff were given tours of the School whilst their pupils were busy learning! The day ended with a Presentation Ceremony where each pupil received a goody bag and certificate for their achievements.

Bolton School Primary Liaison Coordinator, Miss Sarah Gorner, said: "The Just4Girls Science and Maths Day has proven to be really popular - we have 24 primary schools here today. It is a delight to see the enthusiasm of the Year 4 girls and to give them exposure to more advanced Science and Maths, and the links between these disciplines, at such an early age. We really hope that coming into Bolton School today will inspire and encourage the girls to study these subjects in more depth as they move up to secondary school and beyond."

The Just4Girls Science Day is the latest in a series of events for local primary school boys and girls to attend at Bolton School.  

Girls' Science and Maths Day

The young pupils undertook their studies in laboratories in the Girls' Division and Boys' Division of Bolton School

Girls' Science Day

Much fun was had as the girls constructed their own helicopters

Girls' Science Day

Using a piece of rubber tube, a washing up bowl and a beaker, girls worked out how much air we have in our lungs. Year 7 girls from Bolton School helped out throughout the day