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Sharon Daniel Makes it to Child Genius Final

Over the past three weeks, chess prodigy Sharon Daniel has appeared in the preliminary rounds of Channel 4’s Child Genius.

So far, Sharon has faced six gruelling mental trials. In the first episode, she took on Advanced Maths, with a series of questions beyond many adults’ capabilities, and Memory Recall where she had to memorise and mentally navigate four zones of the London Underground map – including 12 lines and over 170 stations! Sharon did extremely well and came joint first in this round.

In the second episode, she faced a Logic challenge, answering quick-fire logic questions in three minutes, and another memory challenge: remembering the order of 104 randomly shuffled playing cards, with just one hour to learn them! Where other children could remember around twenty cards before making a mistake, Sharon ran through an incredible 73! She attributed her success in this round to her skill at remembering long strings of chess moves.

In the latest episode, she faced a General Knowledge quiz and Spelling test. After her performance in the General Knowledge, Sharon’s score was in the top three – guaranteeing her one of the six places in the final without needing to fight for a place in the Spelling round!

Her amazing performances so far have landed her a well-deserved place in the final episode, where children have to answer questions on a subject of their choice. Sharon has chosen the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

We wish her luck and look forward to watching her compete to see who will be crowned Child Genius of the Year 2014!

Sharon Daniel