Bolton School Senior Girls

Silent Students Give Radio Interview

Earlier this term, all of the Girls’ Division Year 7 pupils took part in a sponsored silence, raising money to buy Christmas presents for underprivileged children in Greater Manchester. The gifts will be donated to the charity Cash for Kids as part of radio station Key 103’s ‘Mission Christmas’.

When Key 103 found out about the girls’ efforts, they invited three girls to speak to Adam Catterall on the radio about their achievement!

Names were drawn out of the hat for two places, with Alecia Anderson and Madeleine Bodger selected to represent their year group. Haleemah Mohammed was also asked to join them, as she managed to obtain an amazing three pages of sponsorship all by herself!

The girls travelled into Manchester, accompanied by Miss Marrs, to record the interview at Key 103's headquarters.

After introducing themselves, the girls explained to Adam that they had to remain completely silent for one whole school day, from 9am to 4pm. No easy task for a large group of Year 7 girls! However, the girls did manage to find ways to converse without speaking aloud: as they all had whiteboards, they were able to write messages to one another and to their teachers. However, this posed its own problems: by the end of the day, as their hands were getting tired, their writing became increasingly difficult to read!

There were also a multitude of other issues that affected the girls throughout the day, such as having to simply point at what they wanted at lunchtime as they were unable to ask for it. Alecia remembered, “It was difficult in netball because you couldn’t really ask for the ball!”

“I had a saxophone lesson, so it was difficult to really communicate with my teacher,” Madeleine said.

Haleemah admitted, “It was hard, but I don’t really have an excuse – I just like talking!”

Finally, Adam asked how much the girls had raised: a fantastic £2,000! He was understandably impressed with the girls’ total and with their effort in staying silent for the whole day.

Mission Christmas was launched because 150,000 Manchester children are living in poverty and not expecting a visit from Santa this year. The radio station is therefore trying to raise money and collect toy donations to ensure that these children do receive something over the festive period.

The money the girls raised will be spent during a ‘trolley dash’ at Bolton’s Toys R Us store, led by the Year 7 girls. The gifts will then be handed over to Key 103 at one of the Mission Christmas drop-off points, to be distributed to needy children in the Manchester area.


Click here to listen to the girls' interview on the School's Soundcloud page, or press the play button below.

Aleica, Madeleine and Haleemah with Adam Catterall at Key 103

Aleica, Madeleine and Haleemah with Adam Catterall at Key 103

The girls had a lot of fun during the interview recording

The girls had a lot of fun during the interview recording

Adam was particularly impressed with Haleemah's sponsorship

Adam was particularly impressed with Haleemah's sponsorship