"The classic Bolton School combination is hard work, good friends, challenging and thought-provoking teaching, a healthy desire to puncture the self-important and the sense that you can work hard to achieve things in life. "

Anthony Lilley OBE - CEO, Magic Lantern & Professor, Creative Industries, Ulster University

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Students Enjoy Vivaldi String Workshop

Friday, 20 November 2015

On the evening of Friday 20 November, eleven girls took part in a fantastic workshop with students from Bolton School Girls’ and Boys’ Divisions, Bolton Music Service and Salford Music and Performing Arts Service.

The workshop provided an opportunity for string pupils to participate in an intensive rehearsal and informal performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

The session was led by Stuart Hazelton, Assistant Head of Bolton Music Service and featured Darragh Morgan, a violin soloist with an international reputation. The session was fast-paced and exciting, and pupils progressed through the difficult repertoire extremely quickly. The girls were blown away by Darragh’s outstanding playing, but even more so were inspired by his encouraging words of wisdom. 

The evening culminated in an informal performance for parents, and was very much enjoyed by all.

Thanks to the following pupils for performing so well, and being such good ambassadors for the school through their impeccable behaviour and the way in which they welcomed and looked after our external visitors: Annabelle Boulos, Ruby Browne, Anna Clark, Katie Couriel, Sally Cowling, Caitlin Foster, Alex Graham, Eleanor Haighton, Abigail Holt, Helena Lintott and Isabel Pillar.


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The Vivaldi String Workshop culminated in a live performance for parents

The Vivaldi String Workshop culminated in a live performance for parents

The session was fast-paced, challenging and fun!

The session was fast-paced, challenging and fun!