Bolton School Senior Girls

Students Learn of a Future Powered by Fusion

Dr Melanie Windridge returned to Bolton School to present a fascinating lecture entitled “Power in the Future, the Physics of Fusion”, which was delivered through the Ogden Trust Partnership.

The Year 11 to 13 students from Turton High School and Bolton School learnt about how scientists working on nuclear fusion hope to replicate the behaviour of the Sun here on Earth to produce a plentiful and environmentally friendly energy source that offers a viable alternative to fossil fuels. They were told how power will be generated from fusion power stations in a process that is clean, green, safe and abundant.

Using a variety of resources Dr Windridge involved audience volunteers in hands-on activities and showed how physics plays a key role in all our lives. She also offered a perspective on the variety of careers that are open to scientists.

The lecture generated much interest from students and teachers alike, with many questions and much debate following the presentation.

Melanie is a plasma physicist with a PhD in fusion energy from Imperial College, London. She works as a consultant with Science and Technology start-up businesses - including nuclear fusion - and in Education.  She has appeared on BBC One’s Bang Goes the Theory and National Geographic Channel’s Mad Labs. Her first book is entitled ‘Star Chambers, The Race for Fusion Power’.

Dr Melanie Windridge

Dr Melanie Windridge with Ben Cartwright from Turton School, Bolton School students Corin Greaves and Nick Thompson and Turton School pupil Lydia Riding

Students learnt of a Future Powered by Fusion

Students learnt of a future powered by fusion