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Success for All Arkwright Scholarship Candidates

This year, every one of the Bolton School students who applied for the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship has been successful!

Bethany O’Donnell from the Girls’ Division and Chris Battarbee, Alex Seed and Niall Woodward in the Boys’ Division have all been identified as some of the country’s leaders in engineering and technical design. They have each completed a rigorous selection process, consisting of a detailed application form, a two-hour aptitude test, and an interview hosted at a top engineering university.

The aptitude exam tested candidates’ flair and originality in solving engineering design problems. At the in-depth interview, candidates were asked about their career aspirations and had to discuss their individual engineering project. Some of the Bolton School pupils chose to talk about their GCSE projects: Alex built a speaker system for his Product Design GCSE and Bethany made a bird box as part of her Resistant Materials Technology course. Niall and Chris both used projects which they completed independently: Niall had put together a quad-rotor helicopter, while Chris had created a facial recognition system capable of identifying different people. During the interview day, the candidates also took part in a team exercise to solve a hands-on engineering problem with students they had never met before.

This was all on top of studying for their GCSEs!

The students’ hard work has finally paid off and they will be formally presented with their Scholarships at a prestigious ceremony supported by The Institution of Engineering and Technology later in the year. Of the 1,380 students who initially applied, just 380 will receive Scholarships, so this is a fantastic achievement for all four pupils!

Arkwright Scholarships provide students with a £600 financial award to enhance their A Level studies, as well as a range of activities to enhance their understanding and experience of engineering. The schools will also receive £400 for each Scholarship awarded to one of its students to help with the teaching of STEM subjects. The Scholarships are respected by leading universities and companies and are supported by top engineering employers and organisations such as Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, National Grid, Balfour Beatty, Microsoft Research, Thales, The Royal Air Force, The Royal Navy and the Institution of Engineering and Technology. The Scholarships are also funded by charitable donors including principal donors The Reece Foundation, The Lloyd’s Register Foundation, the Gannochy Trust, the Dulverton Trust, the Emmott Foundation and S.F.I.A Educational Trust.

Dr Martin Thomas, Chief Executive of the Arkwright Scholarships Trust said: “I am delighted to see students from Bolton School secure this prestigious accolade. Clearly, there is considerable technical talent in the Bolton area. With the competition for rewarding jobs becoming ever-more fierce, the receipt of an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship can help dynamic young people at the start of their journey to be the country’s future leaders in engineering and technical design.”

Miss Rachel Langley, the Girls’ Division Head of Design Technology, said, “Bethany competed against Year 11 pupils from across the UK during the selection process for this most prestigious of scholarships. She will remain studying at Bolton School in the Sixth Form and is planning to use the money she receives to further her interest in a future career in Engineering. The school also receives money from the scheme and will be putting this towards purchasing new equipment for the Resistant Materials department. Benefits for Bethany include potential access to mentoring about engineering and technical design, enrichment opportunities including industry-based engineering experience days, magazine subscriptions and technical lectures, and access to the Arkwright Undergraduate Scholarships.”

Bethany, Alex, Chris and Niall have all received Scholarships

Bethany, Alex, Chris and Niall have all received Scholarships

Bethany with the project which helped to win her the Scholarship

Bethany with the project which helped to win her the Scholarship