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Team GB STEAM Day for Primary Girls

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

  • STEAM Day technology pyrography
  • STEAM Day science
  • STEAM Day engineering tower
  • STEAM Day maths
  • STEAM Day art Team GB logo

Girls in Year 6 from 19 local primary schools visited Bolton School for a new STEAM day themed around the Olympics and Team GB. They took part in a series of fun Science, Technology and ICT, Art, Engineering and Mathematics sessions led by Bolton School members of staff.

The Science workshop allowed pupils to run a series of experiments on different kinds of food. They were able to use a variety of scientific equipment such as Bunsen burners to find out how much energy was present in the products they were given.

In the Technology session, the children created a desk tidy based on the Team GB lion logo and got to use a host of techniques in the Design Technology and Textiles departments, from pyrography to heat transfer using wax crayons. In ICT, they created and programmed their own games controller with Play-Doh, Makey Makey kits and Scratch, and used it to play Olympics-themed games.

An Engineering challenge in the Arts Centre asked the girls to create a freestanding tower using only coloured construction paper and tape. Each group had the same number of sheets and they had to come up with the best possible design that would be stable and strong while also reaching higher than the rest. The girls came up with some really diverse and creative ideas, and the towers reached impressive heights.

During the Art task, pupils used the Team GB logo as a starting point. They created a version of the logo using shapes cut out from red and blue technology-themed patterns, and then used techniques such as collage to work into their individual design. They also enjoyed using pencil crayons, pencils and pastels to make their logo unique, and had lots of fun in this creative session.

The Mathematics task divided the girls into smaller teams, each named after a famous Team GB athlete. They them raced within the session to complete as many maths questions as possible in the time limit, while also working on a tricky crossnumber puzzle.

All of the girls who attended the STEAM day really enjoyed the carousel of activities that took place throughout the day.

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