Bolton School Senior Girls

Viking Finale for SHINE Pupils

This year’s SHINE programme, for 45 nine to ten year olds in the Bolton area, came to an end with a rewarding trip to York to discover how the Vikings lived in the Middle Ages.

They enjoyed a hands-on session learning about different Viking weaponry, making the Norsemen such a force to be reckoned with, and practised various battle formations together including the famous ‘shield wall’ and ‘boar’s snout’, learning Old Norse language along the way. On a tour of the Jorvik Viking Centre, they got to see Viking skeletons and artefacts recovered from the Coppergate archaeological dig that took place in the 1970s. They learnt about the clues these items gave us about the Vikings’ trade, diets, customs and living habits.

The pupils that attended the programme were nominated by their school teachers as showing high levels of motivation in the classroom and do not normally have access to extra-curricular enrichments. They have followed a programme of ten Saturday morning sessions taught by specialist subject staff from the senior school and used the school’s outstanding facilities in sessions varying from Chemistry and Design Technology, to Japanese and Russian.

The pupils who gained a place on the trip had achieved 95% attendance or above, showing great commitment to the programme and academic enquiry as highly motivated young learners.

The SHINE programme

The SHINE programme concluded with a trip to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York

The SHINE programme