Bolton School Senior Girls

Well-Good Project Funds First Well

Last academic year, maths teachers Mr Heppleston and Mr Hitchin launched Well-Good, a website that allows pupils to provide safe water to people in developing countries simply by answering maths questions. This wonderful idea went from strength to strength over the course of the academic year, with Girls’ Division pupils encouraged to improve their maths skills by using the website and simultaneously help those less fortunate than themselves.

Each correct answer on the website accumulates points, with 100 points providing one person with clean water for one day.

The project has now funded the construction of its first well.

“Thanks to pupils completing half a million maths questions on our website, a small community in Pakistan now has access to clean drinking water,” Mr Hitchin said. “We will soon be re-launching a Well-Good challenge to provide clean drinking water for more people in the developing world. Our thanks go also to all the local businesses sponsoring this venture.”

Well-Good’s sponsors place adverts on the website, and the money generated through pupils answering questions is then donated to water charities. Anyone interested in sponsoring Well-Good should contact Mr Heppleston or Mr Hitchin on

A well in Pakistan has been funded by the Well-Good project

A well in Pakistan has been funded by the Well-Good project