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Phillip Taylor, Former Pupil

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Y8 Girls Meet Quiller the Guide Dog

Monday, 06 February 2017

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Year 8 girls at Bolton School spent an enjoyable afternoon in the company of Toni Forrest and her guide dog, Quiller, a Labrador Retriever.

Toni educated the pupils on the vital work that a guide dog performs, allowing its owner to get out and about and being “like a car on legs”. She explained how, initially, a trainer comes out to see you and the dog is gradually trained up and gets to know its new owner. The trainer tries to match up the temperament of the dog with the owner and will take into account the speed at which the person walks and their height. The dog is also trained up to go on public transport. Quiller, who is now 4½ years old, has been with Toni since she was 21 months of age. She responds to whistle commands and Toni ensures she always has some treats in her pocket to reward Quiller on good behaviour. She told the pupils that when you see a dog with an harness on you can tell it is at work.

The pupils delighted in meeting Quiller, who was very relaxed in Bolton School having visited several times. 

In recent years the Girls’ Division has raised funds to sponsor three guide dogs – Rolo, Dickens and Peanut - and the Boys’ Division has raised funds to sponsor two guide dogs – Pippin and Fil.

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