Bolton School Senior Girls

Year 10 Girls Present Cheque to Liverpool Women’s Hospital

Gail Naylor visited Bolton School Girls’ Division today to receive a cheque during assembly on behalf of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. The Year 10 girls have raised a staggering £1424.64 – in just three days!

Mrs Naylor is the Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Operations at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, and told the girls about some of the work they do. The Liverpool Women’s Hospital is one of just two specialist women’s hospitals in the UK, and is the largest of its kind in Europe. The hospital delivers around 23 babies every day – although the peak last Wednesday was 39 – and last year they oversaw more than 15,000 births! They also perform six cycles of IVF per day, and provide care to both newborns and older babies in their neonatal units. Mrs Naylor also showed the girls a video showing ‘A Year at Liverpool Women’s Hospital’ to give them a flavour of the work they do.

The girls’ fundraising efforts will allow the hospital to continue to provide a really special service to those who need it.

“One of the comments we get when people come in is that it doesn’t look like a hospital,” Mrs Naylor told the girls. They have also refurbished rooms so that they look more like a hotel than a hospital, so that patients who need to use them will feel more at home. Similarly, they have kitted out rooms so that family are able to stay with the patients at all times. This is all possible thanks to fundraising, and the girls’ money will go towards similar projects.

Before Christmas, the six Year 10 forms put together stalls where pupils and teachers could post Christmas cards to be delivered throughout the school at a small cost, and also buy sweets and cakes. Each form also produced a short sketch, which they performed in front of the whole school to encourage the girls to visit their stall.  The sketches were met with squeals of delight as they witnessed Year 10’s version of 'The Christmas Carol' (where the Beckhams replaced the Cratchitts and Scrooge was visited by three ghosts – including Bob Marley and Michael Jackson) as well as 'Crime Watch Special: Who stole Rudolph?', 'What’s wrong with Rudolph?', 'Santa’s Next Top Model', 'Santa’s YouTube Channel' and 'Santa’s Christmas Party'. The girls wrote and directed the sketches, as well as doing costumes, props and scenery. This annual event was as usual a very effective way to raise money for the chosen charity, which this year was the Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

The stalls were open only during break and lunchtimes, so the final amount of money raised was especially impressive!

Mrs Naylor was delighted to come into school to thank the girls personally for their hard work and contribution. “It really will make a huge difference,” she said.

Gail Naylor received the cheque from two Year 10 girls

Gail Naylor received the cheque for £1424.64 from two Year 10 girls

The cheque was handed over as part of the morning assembly

The cheque was handed over as part of the morning assembly