Bolton School Senior Girls

Year 11 Pupil Joins Elite Golf Team

Over the summer holidays, Year 11 pupil Ellie Broome joined the Cumbria Girls’ Elite Golf team!

She has been playing golf for just two years, after being introduced to the sport by her father and grandfather. They took her with them when they went to play, and the game caught her interest so she started playing herself.

After taking part in the County Championships, Ellie was encouraged by one of the ladies from her golf club to join the Cumbria team for a tournament in Durham, at which all of the northern county teams would be represented. Ellie agreed, and was invited to a training session to get to know the Cumbria team. Over the course of the tournament, Ellie’s excellent golf skills caught the attention of the team, and she was asked to join the Cumbria Girls’ Elite Golf Team instead!

This is a fantastic achievement for Ellie, especially since she is still relatively new to the sport. Speaking of becoming a member of the elite team, she said, “Obviously it’s something I wanted to work towards, but I didn’t expect it! I was really pleased though.”

She now trains with the team once a month and is looking forward to regular competitions. One of her first fixtures recently took place at Appleby Golf Club; the team played against Northumberland, and all of the Cumbria girls won.

Ellie Broome