"Pupils are encouraged to volunteer, to lead, to perform, to try new things, to move outside their comfort zone and they emerge as fine, rounded, honourable young adults equipped to thrive and succeed wherever life takes them."

Mrs Helen Critchlow, Parent

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Year 7s Treat Their Former Teachers to Lunch

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

  • Y7 Lunches - a pupil serves
  • Y7 Lunches - the Sutcliffe Studio
  • Y7 Lunches - catching up on the past year
  • Y7 Lunches - girls chatting to teacher
  • Y7 Lunches - a girl talking to her former teacher
  • Y7 Lunches - piano music

Pupils in Year 7 invited their former Year 6 teachers and junior school Headteachers to Bolton School for a delightful lunch. The entire menu had been prepared by the girls themselves with a little help from the Food Technology Department, and featured a selection of sandwiches, savoury pastries and mini-quiches followed by biscuits, chocolate cake and vanilla sponge.

The girls greeted their former teachers in the Riley Centre and led them through to the Leverhulme Suite, where they served their culinary creations along with hot or cold drinks. The musicians in the year group provided a lovely accompaniment of piano music as everyone was eating, and pupils thoroughly enjoyed chatting with their guests, telling them all about their experiences in Year 7.

After lunch, the girls were able to give their visitors tours around School before they departed.

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