"The classic Bolton School combination is hard work, good friends, challenging and thought-provoking teaching, a healthy desire to puncture the self-important and the sense that you can work hard to achieve things in life. "

Anthony Lilley OBE - CEO, Magic Lantern & Professor, Creative Industries, Ulster University

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Year 9 Water for Ethiopia

Friday, 09 December 2011

Andy McAllister visited Bolton School Senior Girls' Division to introduce the girls to the Water4Ethiopia charity, after a Year 9 form raised money for the charity through a sweet sale.

Andy McAllister works as a volunteer for Water4Ethiopia - the charity that he founded in 2009 along with his sister and mum who are the other two trustees. They gained registered charity status in September 2010 and are all volunteers, so do not get paid for the work that they do. The key to the charity is that 100% of the donations go to Ethiopia. Andy spoke to Senior girls in their assembly on the work the charity does to show them how the money raised will be used for a good cause.

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Andy McAllister from Water4Ethiopia and Miss Rose Wilson

Andy McAllister from Water4Ethiopia and Miss Rose Wilson, whose form raised the money for the charity