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Young Filmmakers Produce Oscar-Worthy Shorts

  • Year 10 Film Day (4)
  • Year 10 Film Day
  • Year 10 Film Day (1)
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  • Year 10 Film Day Oscar

Pupils in Year 10 were given a whirlwind one day film school during which they learned how to make their own silent short with the Young Film Academy. They learned about the history of film and also enjoyed a workshop on how to choreograph a fight scene, which was useful for their own work later in the day. They also discovered how to use a camera and the technical terms for various types of shot in filmmaking.

Working in small groups, the girls put together a ten-shot screenplay which they then filmed over the course of the afternoon. They not only became the film’s actors, but were also the camera crew, director and producer, working together to film their short.

The day ended with a special screening of all the films, followed by an ‘Oscars’ award ceremony.

Oscars for Cinematography were given to ‘Tough Love’ and ‘You’re Done’. The films ‘Unknown Love’ and ‘Bye Bye Maisie’ were awarded Strong Story Oscars. ‘The Betrayed’ won the Oscar for the Best Concept.

Finally the overall winners were announced. In third place was ‘Flicker’, and ‘Grudge’ was the runner up. The Best Picture winner and also winner of the Best Production Oscar was the film ‘Girls in Red’, created by Faatima Adam, Harriet Forster, Maimoona Ghanchi, Stephanie Holland, Charlotte Hughes, Olivia Kaute, Nabilah Thagia and Paige Twidale. Stephanie made a very entertaining acceptance speech, thanking the Young Film Academy tutors, Mrs Sutcliffe for organising the event, staff for their support and last but not least her mum and dad!

The girls commented that they really enjoyed working with the Young Film Academy and learned lots of new skills through the experience of making their own film.

Pupils worked with two tutors from the Young Film Academy throughout the one day film school. Nic Shearer is an award-winning short filmmaker and scriptwriter who is a graduate of the director’s stream at the National Film and Television School and has worked with distinguished filmmakers such as Michael Winterbottom, Lynne Ramsay and Stephen Frears, and is currently involved in film in education. Josh Dickinson is an actor who trained at East 15 and whose credits include BBC’s Holby City, CBS’s Ransom, independent film roles in The Mirror and Cabron, and stage work on Chin-Chin.

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