Bolton School Senior Girls

Why a single-sex school was right for my daughters

By sending my three daughters to Bolton School Girls' Division, I have watched them grow and flourish in ways that I had never imagined and I believe this is down in no small part to their receiving a girls-only education.  Without the possible distraction of boys in the classroom they have become confident in their own skills, abilities and judgement, they question and enquire and seek to develop a thorough understanding of their subject. They are eloquent and thoughtful young ladies.  I have watched them and their friends excel in courses and extra-curricular activities which in mixed sex settings might tend to be considered to be the preserve of boys.  These activities, including outward bound trips, working in the local community, participating in workshops, focus days and a variety of foreign travel opportunities, have seen them develop their leadership and team-working skills and create a positive approach to their own individual potential.

All that said, girls in girls' schools are not completely separated from boys and nor should they be.  At Bolton School, the Boys' Division is just across the courtyard, the young men there also benefit from a single sex education. However, there are regular collaborations both socially and educationally. There are joint projects across many areas of the school, in Performing Arts, Science and Business to name but a few.

My daughters will leave this all-girls' school and go out into the wider world with high aspirations and full of confidence, ready to face their future with compassion, philanthropy and integrity.

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