Bolton School Senior Girls

Health Care

We are very fortunate to have three qualified School Nurses who deal with any medical matters which occur during the school day from 8.30am-4.30pm. The Medical Services Team are Susan Croston, Gill Grundy and Linda Patel. The team are located in the Medical Room within the Girls' Division.  

They also maintain pupils' medical records and are in regular consultation with Heads of School to discuss current problems. Regular health assessments are a major part of their work and these include: measurement of height, weight, blood pressure and a sight test. During the day the Nurses also look after any medication that your daughter may need to take, apart from asthma inhalers.

Our very successful PSHE programme highlights issues relating to health at regular intervals following consultation with the School Nurses. In recent years the programme has included sessions on drugs awareness, smoking, alcohol, healthy eating and, for the Sixth Form, women's health issues. These sessions are often delivered by outside speakers who are experts in their particular field.


Bolton School Girls’ Division links up with Relate’s counselling service for Young People


Bolton School is very pleased to inform you of a new service for our pupils to ensure they have easy access to counselling and therefore professional emotional support. Helen Porter, a Relate Counsellor for Young People and Families is available to meet with students each Thursday. Appointments can be arranged by emailing Helen Porter at or by requesting an appointment using the "Counsellor’s" box near the medical room.


Further information about the service can be found at: 

Our School Nurses