Bolton School Senior Girls

Who is Who?

Coming to a new school is a big step. It can seem very daunting when you do not know anyone else in the year group. We know that this can be a time when our pupils need reassurance and encouragement and we do everything that we can to help them to settle in happily. Our primary concern is to ensure the wellbeing and progress of each individual.

Within the Senior School, pastoral care is the responsibility of an integrated team of year and form tutors who monitor each girl's progress in all aspects of her school life, providing guidance, encouragement and support. Behaviour at Bolton School is excellent and we encourage all our pupils to treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration.

Form Tutors take responsibility for the pastoral care of the girls, ensuring closer monitoring of their development. Each Form Tutor is responsible for morning and afternoon registration, as well as for delivering PSHE sessions every fortnight for his or her group.

The Year Tutor supports the Form Tutors and organises year-based activities. The Year Tutors are: Year 7: Mrs Hollyoak & Mrs Martin; Year 8: Dr Christie & Mrs Leech; Year 9: Miss Gunshon; Year 10: Mr Winrow; Year 11: Mrs Entwistle; Year 12: Mr Radcliffe and Year 13: Mr Hitchin.

The Head of School is in charge of the academic and pastoral life of each section of the school. Mrs Field is Head of the Middle School (Years 7 to 9); Ms Teichman is Head of the Upper School (Years 10 and 11); and Mrs Winder is Head of Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13). Parents wishing to discuss an issue concerning their daughter's well being at school should always contact the Head of School in the first instance.

The School's policies on Safeguarding and Child Protection, Behaviour Management, Rewards and Sanctions, anti-bullying and the health and safety of pupils on trips and visits can be viewed on-line.

"Pupils are self-assured, purposeful and mutually supportive" and "they readily accept responsibility and assume a variety of leadership roles.”

Pastoral care was found to be excellent at all stages within the School and relationships between pupils and staff were seen as strongly positive.

ISI Inspection 2016

Senior Girls with Tutor
Senior Girl with Tutor