Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Why I Decided to Join Bolton School Sixth Form

The exceptional reputation that Bolton School holds within the local community and surrounding towns, was the first and foremost reason why I considered studying my A Levels here. After talking to past and present students, it became clear to me why Bolton School has such an excellent reputation; a huge portfolio of extra-curricular activities, dedicated teachers and outstanding A Level results, are just some of the many essential elements of Sixth Form life that Bolton School has to offer.  It is these elements that convinced me to delve further into life at the Sixth Form.

For me, the extra-curricular activities and rigorous careers advice offered at Bolton School are what sets it apart from other Sixth Forms. The competition for University places is increasing year by year, so it is crucial that students take part in extra-curricular activities. I found that in other colleges around the area, there is not such a broad range of activities offered, making it difficult for students there to participate in activities that suited them best. Furthermore, Bolton School's Sixth Form provides many opportunities for voluntary work and other means of helping out in the community; another aspect that is vital to make each individual stand out from the other University applications.

The first few days at Bolton School were enough to assure me that this was the ideal Sixth Form for me. My main concern was that it would be difficult for me to settle in since the majority of students had already known each other since Year 7. However, all of the teachers and students alike were extremely welcoming and helpful and it became apparent that settling in was not an issue in the slightest. In addition, clubs and societies were perfect for me to get to know other students in my year. 

The amount of clubs and societies offered at Bolton School is absolutely incredible! There is something offered to suit everyone. And if that wasn't enough, teachers invited ideas from students for additional clubs or societies - this proved to me just how much student's opinions and ideas were valued at Bolton School. 

Since the start of term, teachers have greatly emphasised how important voluntary work is for future University and job applications. Numerous opportunities have been offered to the Sixth Formers to undertake voluntary work in many different organisations. One of the volunteering opportunities I decided to embark upon was to be a mentor at 'SHINE: Serious Fun on Saturdays' programme at Bolton School on Saturday mornings. This allows me to help young children from around the area to improve their skills in many different subjects. I have already learnt a lot from the volunteering sessions and look forward to learning more each week. The skills I have improved and acquired from SHINE are definitely going to aid me in the future, something I am very grateful to Bolton School for. 

I hope the information I have expressed will give you an insight about Bolton School's Sixth Form and assist you in your ultimate decision of where you are going to continue your further education.

Year 12 student

Adil, Year 12 student, offers his thoughts on why he chose Bolton School's Sixth Form