Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

2000 Pupils to Receive iPads

Over 2000 children at Bolton School will be given an iPad by Autumn 2014, making it one of the biggest school iPad issues in the country. 

Pupils at Park Road will each receive an iPad when they return to School in September this year. In January 2014, iPads will be rolled out to Year 7 boys and Year 9 girls as well as all Year 12 pupils. By Autumn 2014 all pupils in both Junior Schools, both Senior Schools and both Sixth Forms will have an iPad as will some Year 2 children in the Infant School, Beech House. 

The School is working closely with Lightspeed Systems, who are experts in mobile device technology and security in order to ensure that the issuing of iPads is safe and secure.

Boys’ Division Head Mr Philip Britton said: “I have already seen the Junior Boys using the iPads for school work. Our ambition, as our e-learning project runs through the school in the next 18 months, is that the boys and girls simply use the technology as a tool to help them in their work. We are well aware that some think iPads are a magic bullet for educational success. That is not what we feel and Bolton School will not abandon books and other resources. The technology will be just one part of the variety of teaching and learning at the school. However, it is an essential ingredient of that variety. The pupils of today will grow into adults in a work place where being able to use technology is essential.

It is also clear that many Universities use e-learning much more than schools and we prepare pupils for that future so they are able to excel. As we get to use the iPads it is clear that there are some evolutionary aspects – they replace what we have always done but do it better. Schools managed before the photocopier and they will move on from copied sheets in due course. There are also some revolutionary aspects, with animations that can show things very clearly, with the ability to annotate and collaborate in learning and with a generally more interactive way of working.”

Bolton School iPads