Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Awards and Inspiration for Boys

Bolton School's Summer Prizegiving for the Boys' Division rewarded students with wise advice along with commendations for their hard work and success.

David Walker, Sports Editor at the Sunday Mirror and Old Boy of the School, was this year's Guest of Honour. After handing out awards to pupils, he gave an inspiring speech, advising the boys to go for whatever they want, believe in themselves and persist. He had very fond memories of his time at Bolton School, particularly of reading, writing and playing sport, and he was captain of the 1st team football and athletics teams whilst at the School. His career as a journalist started when he landed a graduate trainee journalist job, despite not being a graduate, and since then he has worked at the Sun, the Daily Mail, and presently the Sunday Mirror. David also had a break from journalism to become Executive Director of Leeds Football Club, and wrote a book 'When Football Was Football: Leeds United'.

David used the example of Jonathan Ive, Chief Designer at Apple to demonstrate to the boys that if you can find things that captivate and motivate you and stick with them, you won't go wrong in life. He concluded his speech by saying: "Always give everything your best shot and always try your hardest, then you can look anybody in the eye and say you did your absolute best - usually that will be good enough for everybody."

Earlier in the evening Mr Michael Griffiths, Chairman of Governors, gave an opening address in which and he reminded the audience of boys, parents and staff that Bolton School is an extraordinary school, where pupils are instilled with a confidence to go out into the world and make a difference for good.  He reminded the Year 13 leavers that Bolton School is very much an extended family and that they will remain part of the school community for the rest of their lives. His final advice to the boys was: "How satisfying if you can make each place you visit in life a little better."

The Vote of Thanks was given by Sixth Form pupil Adam Wooley, before Headmaster, Mr Philip Britton, brought the evening to a close with a compelling review of the academic year.  Speaking of how much he enjoys leading the School, Mr Britton reminded the audience of the boys' success regionally and nationally in sport, music, science, technology and drama. The School, one of the three oldest institutions in the town, was and always had been an integral part of the borough and Mr Britton spoke of the changes and progress through those years. He said: "The future of the school is shaped by everyone in this room. Together we will move forward confidently. This evening we have celebrated the achievements of the past year and I very much look forward to all the achievements that next year will bring."

The evening was punctuated by a fine solo singing performance from the choral prize winner, Nick Harper; a wonderful marimba performance from Toby Cowling, and the Samba band's  'Grooves' arranged by Mr Forgrieve.

See the Head's opening and closing speeches.


David Walker handed out prizes and gave an inspiring speech


David is welcomed by the Mayor of Bolton, the Chairman of Governors and the Headmaster

The Samba Band showed off their skills