Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Boys Achieve Gold in Science Olympiads

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Three students in the Boys’ Division Sixth Form have achieved four Gold Awards between them in the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads. A high number of students also achieved Silver and Bronze Awards. The Olympiad competitions, which run annually, give students across the UK the opportunity to be challenged, develop their critical thinking and apply their existing scientific knowledge in contexts beyond the curriculum.

Alex Gao achieved Gold Awards in both the Chemistry and Physics Olympiads, and Nathan Ashley also received a Gold Award in Chemistry. Jude Brennan-Calland attained a Gold Award in Biology and a Silver Award in Chemistry.

The Chemistry Olympiad not only saw two Gold certificates awarded, but also four Silvers and seventeen Bronze. In the Biology Olympiad, a further four Silver and five Bronze Awards were achieved. Six students also received Bronze Awards in the Physics Olympiad.

Alex and Jude were not the only students to receive awards in multiple Olympiads. James Leese-Weller was awarded Silver certificates in both the Biology and Chemistry Olympiads. Yusuf Adia, Krishnan Ajit and Daniyal Ashraf each obtained a Silver Award in Biology and a Bronze Award in Chemistry. Six students each received two Bronze Awards: Christopher Jacob, Yash Kalhan and Jonny Shine for Biology and Chemistry; and Meer Al-Talabani, Jei Makino and Ruairi McCabe for Chemistry and Physics.

In the Chemistry Olympiad Nathan Ashley, Eddy Backhouse and Matthew Schaffel were awarded Silver certificates. Bronze Awards were given as follows: to Dominic Hardy, Robert Harris, Usama Hassen Hassen, Raatay Iqbal, Aashir Khan, Siddharth Ranganath, Christopher Smith and Adam Vahed for Chemistry; to Luke Bagnall, Edward Slorick and Zaman Ul-haque for Physics; and to Arjun Agarwal and Robert Edwards for Biology.

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