Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Boys Crack Finnish, Japanese and Georgian Languages in Linguistics Olympiad

Four Year 12 students in the Boys’ Division of Bolton School have met with success in the UK Linguistics Olympiad. Nick Thompson, Jordan Reed, Peter Roberts and Dom Walker were all rewarded with bronze certificates for their efforts. 

It is the first time that the School has entered the languages’ problem-solving competition and Miss Worth, a Classics teacher who coordinated entries from the Boys’ Division, was delighted with their efforts. She said: “This is a national competition that involves pupils solving linguistic data problems by analysing the patterns in a small amount of linguistic data, and working out how the underlying system works – a type of ‘code breaking’. Our boys solved questions appertaining to the Japanese, Finnish and Georgian language systems. This year saw a record number of entrants to this competition across the country so our boys are to be commended in achieving bronze certificates.” 

The competition aims to engage children in a wide variety of languages and to open their eyes to the fascination of language structure.

High achieving Sixth Formers in Linguistics Olympiad success

High achieving Sixth Formers record Linguistics Olympiad success