Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Business Students Learn from Top Finance Personality

Business Studies students at Bolton School were lucky enough to be given financial advice from Justin Urquhart Stewart, Marketing Director and co-founder of Seven Investment Management, and one of the most recognisable and trusted market commentators.

Justin spoke to the whole of the Boys' Division Sixth Form and Sixth Form Business students from the Girls' Division for 15 minutes before a more in depth presentation to the Business students only. With twenty years experience following the ups and downs of the markets, Justin's assessments, predictions and witty observations gave the students plenty to think about. He shared his wealth of knowledge with the students and offered a calm, clear-sighted view of the current economic climate for Britain and the rest of the world, along with advice on pensions and how to manage finances and university debt. His outlook was very optimistic, encouraging students to not be put off and go to university, and to look at starting their own businesses, saying that it is not all doom and gloom as it may seem in the media.

Having trained as a barrister, Justin took up corporate finance, working in both Africa and Singapore. He then returned to the UK and helped in the developments towards Big Bang in 1986 in London which led to him helping to found Broker Services in 1986. Broker Services went on to become Barclays Stockbrokers, where Justin was Corporate Development Director. In early 2001, he co-founded Seven Investment Management. He writes regularly for national magazines and newspapers, and is a frequent commentator on television and radio, both in the UK and abroad.

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart Stewart gave positive and practical advice and information to the Sixth Form students

Justin Urquhart Stewart