Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Fundraising Return for Table Soccer Champ

Rob Moss, who left Bolton School in 2001, returned to the Sixth Form Common Room to revisit his past, whilst raising funds for Bolton Lads' and Girls' Club.  Rob, who has twice been England Table Soccer Champion, took on pairs of Sixth Form students in the Common Room, where he first developed his skills.  Each student pairing paid £2 each to play the current England Coach.  If any pairing beat him, and one couple did (Elliot Lloyd and Chris Sumner), he paid them £20.  Rob lost just the one match in an hour's worth of playing. 

Rob recalled playing table football at the School but said "it was always a crowded table.  I really picked up my game at the University of Oxford, whilst reading Mathematics."

Rob, who was champion in 2004 and 2008, very much has his sights set on becoming champion for a third time.  As England coach, he has just returned from the Table Soccer World Cup in Nantes.  He still lives in Bolton and is an IT Manager at Mark II Kitchen and Bathroom Distribution.

Rob Moss

Rob Moss, back in the Sixth Form Common Room, for a Lads' and Girls' Club Fundraiser

Rob Moss and the boys that beat him

Rob with the two students that beat him, Elliot Lloyd and Chris Sumner