"When I return to Bolton School to talk to pupils about entrepreneurship, my message is to 'go for it'. This is an attitude that I had instilled in me during my time at the school where my curiosity was fuelled and I became interested in ideas."

Caroline Plumb - CEO of Fresh Minds and youngest woman on Management Today's '35 under 35' list

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Indonesia Trip of a Lifetime

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bolton School Sixth Form boys experienced the trip of a lifetime with a two week conservation trip to Indonesia.

The boys undertook conservation work and research for one week in the forests of Southern Sulawesi and another week on Hoga Island, diving and inspecting coral reefs. Jacques Cousteau, by far the most famous undersea explorer of the 20th century, described Hoga as one of the best places in the world for diving! 

Nineteen boys and two members of staff, Mr Tillotson and Mrs Catterall, took part in the trip which took place from 11-29 July. Some boys funded themselves whilst others raised significant amounts of money through events such as race nights to help pay their way. Mr Tillotson himself raised several hundred pounds in the build up by running a marathon around Kielder Water.

The boys' findings whilst on the trip will help support bids for new money for protecting these vulnerable areas. Mr Tillotson said: "It has been a fantastic trip. Whilst we were collecting information about this remote habitat, a new type of frog was discovered and this brought it home to the lads how important their work was and how much is yet to be discovered in such areas. I look forward to our next adventure which will be to Madagascar in 2013."


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Sixth Form trip to Indonesia Sixth Form trip to Indonesia

On the trip the boys did some rope work to climb into the canopy of the trees – known as canopy access

Sixth Form trip to Indonesia