Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

Jolly Green Dragons!

Four Bolton School Sixth Form students have made successful pitches to an eco-dragons' den panel made up of powerful green champions from the worlds of business and commerce.

Three Sixth Form boys - Neil Hati-Kakoty, Ahmed Ammori and Rizwan Malatagar - made a pitch for financial assistance with their plan to build and place a number of benches in wildlife "hotspots" around the Bolton School campus. The boys plan to use reclaimed wood and to construct the benches in Technology lessons. They received £400 and the plan, in the first instance, is to produce two benches. Sixth Form girl, Jamilla Flaherty, received £600 after her pitch to produce an eco-friendly radio station.

The event was organised by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust Trailblazers Project, which comprises a number of colleges and sixth forms from the Bolton and Preston region and holds fortnightly meetings. The event was supported by Tellus Mater Foundation and v, the youth volunteering charity, at The Wildlife Trust's Environment Education Centre in Preston.

The Eco Dragons saw college students pitching for a total of £8000 in prizes, to support their environmental projects. Each group was given two hours training and assistance before their presentation by eco-specialists and they all performed exceptionally well, handling questions from the eco dragons with ease. Students were delighted when all the projects secured the money they pitched for, with one group even being awarded double!

Other ideas paraded in front of the panel included producing a pantomime to raise awareness of recycling; equipment for bushcraft activities; setting up vegetable patches in school grounds; and renovating part of a canal.

The passion the young people had for the projects clearly showed and the Eco Dragons loved the originality of the different projects.

"We were worried before the event that the projects would be rather similar, but after hearing about a pantomime delivered by a 6ft badger, it's safe to say no one can accuse you of being unoriginal" said Eco Dragon David Stevenson.

Event organiser Julia Simons said, "It's a great chance for young people to help the environment in the way they want. It's all their choices and their decisions. We're really impressed with how they have taken the opportunity to do something unique."

Sixth Form Boys Collect Cheque from Eco Dragons

Successful Sixth Form boys collect the Bolton School cheque from the Eco Dragons