Bolton School Sixth Form Boys

North West Young Engineer for Britain!

Year 13 pupil Robert Bolton is the North West Young Engineer of the Year in his age group!

Robert entered his A-level Technology project the 'Progressive Brake Light' into the Young Engineer for Britain 2010 competition at the Big Bang Fair in Liverpool, and returned from the regional final with not one but two trophies! He received one for winning the overall regional event in his age category (16-19) and also walked away with the best product prize.

The 'Progressive Brake Light' is a high level car brake light that senses the deceleration of the car and lights up progressively more intensively the harder the driver brakes. 

A delighted Robert said: "Whilst I had high expectations for my project I really did not think I would be the North-West Young Engineer of the Year!  I received some outstanding help from the Technology Department who helped me raise the standard of the invention.  I was on my way to the Leeds Festival last year with my mum when we had a bump in the car and that's what gave me the idea.  The problem with brake lights at the moment is that they are either on or off and there is no in between.  My invention is a safety device, allowing the brakes to come on gradually and to thus give the driver more time to react.  I had been planning on studying Construction Engineering Management at Loughborough University but after winning this award I am thinking of possibly changing to Product Design." 

Robert was also rewarded with £400 prize money, and has the chance to become Young Engineer for Britain when he attends the national final in London next March.


Robert Bolton

Robert won the overall regional event in his age category and the best product prize